sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

Travel Cruises on Facebook

Travel cruises are on Facebook through the group 'do not rule out making a cruise trip someday'

This group is for those who like to travel by plane, by train, by car, etc.., and which do not rule out a trip cruise someday, as an alternative to travel more.

And of course, a group for those who like to travel by cruise, who can contribute their stories, experiences and advice for those who decide to make their first trip in cruise.

In short, a group to publish experiences in travel cruises and share them!

Social networks such as Facebook allow grouping people and followers of a particular theme and allow you to share information, links, and notes on any topic. And Facebook, in the case of the cruise can be very useful to know the views and comments of other travellers or cruise passengers, or ultimately of users of social networks that do not discard to make a cruise trip someday.

If you are interested in cruise ships, become a member of the Group and share it with your friends.

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