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                                        Introduction of membrane structure products

                                        The high-strength flexible film used in membrane structure is called membrane material. It is a durable and high-strength coated fabric, which is composed of fabric and coating. It has the characteristics of flexible texture, small thickness, light weight and good light transmittance. It has the ability to reflect, absorb and transmit natural light. It is non combustible, flame retardant or flame retardant, and has good durability, fire prevention, air tightness and other characteristics; The film treated with fluorine has good ageing resistance and good self cleaning property.

                                           ① Beautiful architectural shape: membrane structure building is the most representative and promising architectural form in the 21st century. It breaks the mode of pure linear architectural form. With its unique beautiful curved surface modeling, the perfect combination of simplicity, lightness, rigidity and softness, strength and beauty, it presents a refreshing feeling, and provides greater imagination and creation space for architectural designers.

                                           ② Good light transmittance and self-cleaning: PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating is adopted on the surface of the membrane material, which has good heat insulation performance. It can reflect 70% of the solar heat energy. The membrane material itself absorbs 17% and the heat transfer is only 13%, while the light transmittance is 20%. The self-cleaning performance is very good. After 10 years of direct sunlight irradiation, its brightness can still retain 70%.

                                           ③ It can cover large-span space: the membrane material used in the membrane structure weighs only about one kilogram per square meter. Due to its light self weight, the use of high-strength materials of steel cable and steel structure, and the simple and reasonable stress system - most of the force is transmitted by axial force, the membrane structure can span large space and form an open columnless large-span structure system.

                                           ④ Fire resistance and earthquake resistance: the membrane materials used in membrane structure buildings have excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so they can well meet the fire protection requirements. As the structure has light self weight, flexible structure and large deformation capacity, it has good seismic performance.

                                           ⑤ Short construction period: the steel structure and steel cable of membrane material cutting, splicing and forming and skeleton are processed and manufactured in the factory. Only assembly is required on site, and the construction is simple. Therefore, the construction period is shorter than that of traditional buildings.

                                           ⑥ Wide range of applications:

                                           ( A) Sports facilities: stadium, natatorium, tennis hall, skating rink, etc;

                                           ( B) Transportation facilities; Highway toll stations, gas stations, parking lots, pedestrian overpasses, subway entrances, etc;

                                           ( C) Cultural facilities: performance venues, convention and exhibition centers, clubs, etc;

                                           ( D) Entertainment facilities: park entrance, stage, music square, resort village, dolphin performance hall;

                                           ( E) Commercial facilities: commercial pedestrian street, commercial plaza and mall entrance;

                                           ( F) Landscape sketch and landmark buildings: green belt sketch, seaside leisure sketch, garden sketch, etc.

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