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                                        How should the tent be stored after use?

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                                        How should the tent be stored after use? The editor of Taipeng Smart Home reminds you to know how to store the tent is very important. If you do n’t understand, it is likely to turn the tent you bought into a disposable product. The following editor summarizes the following tent storage precautions for your reference!

                                        1. In addition to cleaning the dust and attachments in a timely manner after use, the tent should also wipe off the moisture on both sides of the fabric, and fold and store it after it is completely dry. If it is stored before it is completely dry, it can easily cause problems such as mildew and adhesion. Affect the life of the tent!

                                        2. After the tent is completely dry and folded, try not to put other items on the tent, so as to avoid permanent fatigue caused by the bending of the waterproof rubber strip material and degumming.

                                        3. Take out the tent for regular or irregular cooling (avoid direct sunlight) for half a day, rearrange it and fold it for storage. This has the advantage of preventing mildew and adhesion of the tent fabric and making it more waterproof Laminated strips will not cause permanent fatigue and extend the overall life of the tent.

                                        4. After the tent is cleaned up, it is not advisable to use the original storage bag for compression storage.

                                        How should the tent be stored after use?

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